The Starr Cancer Consortium is intended largely to support critical mass, collaborative projects with the potential for transforming impact on the understanding and treatment of cancer, through the development and systematic application of molecular technologies.

The goal of the Starr Cancer Consortium is to support transformative collaborative research. The research areas include but are not limited to Technology Development, Disease Applications and Basic Biology.

  • Technology Development. To drive the development of technology for molecular characterization of cancer through collaborative research among the participating institutions of the Starr Cancer Consortium.
  • Disease Applications. To apply new molecular technologies in collaborative projects directed at diverse cancers, in the process gaining a deeper understanding of the molecular basis of these cancers and defining new paradigms for cancer research, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Basic Biology. To accelerate collaborative research of the basic biological mechanisms underlying the development of cancers.
The Starr Cancer Consortium seeks proposals for funding through a Request for Applications (RFA) mechanism.

Seventeenth and Final Starr Cancer Consortium grant competition - CLOSED

Application Process 
Applicants should submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) prior to submission of an application.

Letters of Intent
Applicants must use the LOI template

      Download the LOI template

Send the completed LOIs to

The deadline for LOI submission is March 21, 2024

Applicants must use SCC application templates.

Completed applications must be submitted via the Application Submission Page.

Please note: 
applicants must register using their own name and institution provided email address. Please do not register using a social media account or submit an application under an assistant's account.

The deadline for application submission is May 23, 2024 at 5:00 PM

Note: changes cannot be made to applications after submission.

For further information contact:

Sylvie Le Blancq, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Starr Cancer Consortium
Telephone: 646 888 3773