New - Starr Technology Commercialization Fund

Available to investigators with a current or previously funded SCC award ONLY


The Starr Technology Commercialization Fund (Starr TCF) is a new initiative by the Starr Cancer Consortium (SCC) funded by the Starr Foundation. The purpose of the Starr TCF is to provide the requisite support to collaborative projects previously funded by the SCC so that Intellectual Property (IP) from that project can reach a commercialization endpoint.

The Starr TCF Request for Proposal (RFP) solicits proposals for commercial development of IP from projects previously funded by the SCC.

Eligibility Criteria

Projects that are appropriate for Starr TCF funding are those that meet the following criteria:

1. Previously-funded by the Starr Cancer Consortium and IP has been generated or improved;

2. Such IP is owned by one or more of the SCC member institutions that participated in the
previously-funded collaborative project and steps have been taken to protect it;

3. The IP is at a later stage in the development cycle such that rate limiting steps to reach a
commercialization endpoint may, but need not include some or all of the following:
international patent applications, laboratory and animal studies enabling an Investigational
New Drug Application with US Food and Drug Administration; drug manufacturing,
including scale-up and formulation and license fees for acquiring enabling technology rights
for manufacturing; Phase 1 clinical trial; a business plan; and/or initial financing, if a new
company is the appropriate commercialization endpoint.

Key Dates

RFP Issue date: October 12, 2017
Letter of Intent deadline: November 30, 2017
Invitation to submit an application:
January 4, 2018
Application deadline:
February 15, 2018
Expected award start date: April 26, 2018


This is an invitation only process. Applicants must have received an invitation to submit an application.

Applicants must use the Starr TCF Application template

Completed applications must be submitted via the Application Submission Page

The deadline for application submission is February 15, 2018 at 5:00PM

For further information contact:

Sylvie Le Blancq, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Starr Cancer Consortium
Tel: 646 888 3773